ALSA audio through 3.5mm jack instead of HDMI

amixer cset numid=3 56231,56231
amixer cset numid=4 1 did nothing but reduce the volume to 86%, if it helps any, here is the output of amixer controls:

numid=4,iface=MIXER,name='Master Playback Switch'
numid=3,iface=MIXER,name='Master Playback Volume'
numid=2,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Switch'
numid=1,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Volume'

Also, like I said, I know that Kodi doesn’t use ALSA for Analogue or HDMI audio, but Bluetooth audio doesn’t come through Kodi, it comes through a package called ‘a2dp-app-osmc’ from here.