Any update on the Pi4?

Can we have an estimated date of PI4 release please ? Latest prerequisite is done (Buster release), a lot of users wait for it (see post views).
Thank you !

No, but it is being actively worked on and when it is ready for testing it will be announced.

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thx for the update, i got a Rpi4 waiting for it, I could participate for testing if needed (but i’m not linux expert), cheers

We will release with with Kodi v19.

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I tried my sd with rpi3 image in the rpi4 for testing. Rpi4 doest boot.

I understand i have to wait a arm64 for full acceleration in kodi, but I think software acceleration is enough for me.

it should boot? I have to configure something?

Thank for your job!

No - the Pi 4 installation will be a separate image.

Thanks for answering!

I’ll wait then, I can test rpi4 image if you needed (Im linux user).

I have a question… if i buy a Pi4 Today (i see a valid offert on amazon for a kit 4GB and about 90€) i can install somethings like a beta image ?

No - you would need to compile it from source.
First public release will come with v19.


as I said in another thread… i have found a 30€ coupon and i have buy my new Pi4 4GB arrive to me the next 16 February.

is it a simple thing to compile the sources ? There’s somethings like an “official” guide to follow ?

I don’t think it is trivial for the average user, no.

I’ll probably be able to build the image for myself from source but I was wondering if that build is based on kodi 19 and will I be able to update it without having to wipe everything once kodi 19 and subsequently the OSMC update based upon kodi 19 comes out?

There is not even a stable image yet, let alone an upgrade path.

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If i understand correctly… so if i build my image from source correctly this would not be upgradeable for example by ssh whit the apt commands ?

We cannot answer this yes/no. All that can be said is that there is currently no upgrade path.

EDIT: Ok definitively answered below, NO

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No - it won’t be.

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Kodi v19 Matrix has been released. How soon will OSMC be released for the Raspberry Pi 4?


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When it’s ready.


We’ve clearly outlined the roadmap for Raspberry Pi 4. I would suggest searching the forums.

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