Atmos / DTS-X badges in library view

Hi - pretty self explanatory really - is there a way to have it appear in movie info whether the audio contains Atmos or DTS-X metadata?

These files play perfectly with the 3D audio but they just appear as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD when browsing the library.

Having just upgraded with height channels I’d love to be able to see which of my rips have the extra metadata.

Perhaps there’s an obvious setting I’m missing.

Is there another skin that supports this? If so, we can do it.
Otherwise, it might be a Kodi feature request.

Which skin are you using?



There is no Kodi support (in Krypton) for audio codec display of the 3-D formats. The current routines just populate rows in the “streamdata” table, and they don’t search for the 3-D portions…they just look at the header of the first audio block. Since the 3-D audio formats don’t change the header at all (e.g., Atmos is just TrueHD), but add data to the stream, Kodi just sees the non 3-D version.

The skin then uses ListItem.AudioCodec to retrieve the text of the abbreviated codec name, and from there can use it to display however it wants. Most use it as part of a path to an image.

Leia (Kodi v18) already retrieves the 3-D audio codec info into the database, but I don’t think there will be a backport.

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There’s indeed no “proper” way of showing 3D audio codec information in skins atm. The infolabel available for audio codec information is limited to 2D audio codecs - AFAIK this won’t change with Leia (team Kodi has not announced any change to the respective infolabel yet).

There’s only one way to show 3D audio information with our OSMC skin currently - which is file naming. I’ve put together a longer explanation for another user a while back which should provide all the information: The OSMC Skin

If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for the replies; good to know I wasn’t missing something obvious. FYI I use the OSMC skin.

Interesting to understand the barrier here.

With the Apple TV Atmos support coming soon I would not be surprised if the Kodi devs refine this sooner rather than later. I’m on the Apple TV Atmos beta and its nice skipping around the iTunes Store seeing which films have Atmos, which is clearly badged alongside whether they have Dolby vision. Ie after seeing this next month more people will come to want this on Kodi I expect.

Anyway, not a biggy :slight_smile: I’m still just super happy to see the 3D audio coming through to my AVR. Only now able to try it on the Vero and it’s working flawlessly with my UHD rips.

The version of ffmpeg as used in Leia is 3.3.2, which can detect the 3D audio streams. Unless the Kodi developers choose not to pass this information on to skins, I would guess that the docs for ListItem.AudioCodec just haven’t been updated.

Yes. The skin I use is Rapier, and if Atmos and DTS:X titles include the word “atmos” and “dtsx” in the filename, they will show the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X icons.

Well, you may ask on the Kodi forum… Maybe you have more luck to get some reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t tested with v18 yet, but if it would be implemented, our v18 OSMC skin would utilize that way of showing 3D audio codec information already. If it would be made possible at some point, I’d hope for the Kodi devs to not only pass on 3D audio information, but also information about the core format (E-AC3, DTS-HD MA, etc.)…

Meant to also they thank you re info that you can do this in other skins by renaming the files.

Personally it’s not worth it to me since the renaming could trigger an unnessary backup rewrite of 100s of GBs from my Synology. Interesting though nonetheless.

I would love this, so I can skip the Atmos / DTS:X renaming on every file and check what codec they use.

I use CinemaVision and the only way to make my Atmos and DTS:X intros play is to rename all my files with .atmos or .dtsx

Be vocal on the Kodi forum and maybe you’ll be heard :wink:

To revive an old thread…
I’ve modified Estuary (not Confluence – my bad) in the past and added badges for DTS-X and ATMOS, but am unsure how to get the modifications into OSMC.

Should I be poking at the folks who maintain the skin or asking here?