Audio playback issues and surround

just installed the April update.
I was hoping to have my audio issues solved, but no luck so I’ll try to describe what’s happening.

my setup includes a (quite old) Harman Kardon AVR160 and a Sony HDR 4K Bravia TV.
the Bravia goes to the AVR160 through HDMI and optical.
the Vero 4K goes to the Bravia to HDMI.
I usually get “fake” dolby digital or other surround modes and I was thinking that maybe the Bravia TV is not outputting the right signals to the AVR.
so I tried using the SPDIF cable from the Vero 4K to the AVR160, but either I don’t get any sound or I hear only some very fast clicks (sounds like a mosquito).

What am I missing? should I change some settings? who’s the culprit?
I also found the AVR160 manual with some interesting informations which I’m attaching, regarding Surround Modes.
also attached photos of some of my audio settings.
I’m sure the experts here will have some answer…
thank you!

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Change PCM to HDMI.

Make sure Sync Playback to Display is disabled.

that’s what I had before trying this last time.
but the HDMI goes to the Bravia and I think for some reason the Bravia not always pushes the right signal to the AVR. Sometimes the video files will play emulated surround through the AVR.

so I thought about bypassing the Bravia route for audio and using the SPDIF directly to the AVR.
makes sense?

Still select HDMI for SPDIF.
Post a debug log when you get issues: i.e. what you expect to see, what the AVR shows, and I’m sure we can advise.

The best route is always OSMC → AVR → TV. Going through the TV first can be problematic.

I thought so.
my problem is that my AVR is old and doesn’t support 4K and HDR signals, so I’d like to use it as last device just for audio.
and by looking at some of the specs on the manual pages I posted above, am I right in saying that the AVR160 will not get signal from e.g. DTS HD through SPDIF but only via HDMI?
if so I guess I’m stuck?

Correct. SPDIF is limited to Dolby Digital and DTS or 2 channel PCM.

damn. so what options do I have?
if I’m buying a new 4K HDR capable AVR would I solve my problems?
or is there some kind of a HDMI box or splitter that I could extract just the audio to the AVR?

any recommendations for a good, reasonably priced new AVR?

I recently had the same problem. I had an old Denon pre-4K AVR and went for an AVRX4400H which was £849 from Richer Sounds. Lower end versions are available (as far as I can tell you get less power out and fewer speaker outputs) but both the X3400 and X2400 are Dolby Atmos ready at £569 and £329 respectively. All three get great reviews.

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I have a similar setup: Vero 4K -> HDMI -> Vizio TV -> SPDIF -> Old Yamaha Amp

On the Vizio under Audio settings there is a Digital Audio Out setting that has to be set to Bitstream and then I get the audio untouched.

Look for something similar on your TV. (But as Sam pointed out, you will need to turn off the HD audio options in Kodi as the SPDIF can’t handle them.)

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yes there’s a setting for the kind of audio output on the Sony TV, but it’s already set to the correct setting (which outputs compressed audio).

I turned off the DTS HD and True HD options in Kodi, and I’m not using the SPDIF now.
it seems the best compromise for now, as most of the videos are playing fine.

so, in short, the added value of buying a new AVR is to get the HD audio and also routing the signals in the proper way? (Vero4K->AVR->TV)

BTW the 2400 is now £299 at Richer Sounds.

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@bradipo Hi, I don’t know how much you love your old AVR and what budget you are willing to take in hand but give this topic a look: HDMI audio passthrough LG B6P? - #6 by JimKnopf

The HDFury AVRKey splits the HDMI 4k signal to an HDMI pass-through and a HDMI 720p/1080p with full audio, so you can split the Vero’s output to the 4k TV and the AVR. But costs some bucks, in German Ama…n around 150,- EUR or as used part around 110-120, EUR.

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@JimKnopf that looks VERY interesting, and just what I needed.
I think I’ll try it. thank you for suggesting this!

I was wondering: what about sync between the two HDMI output signals from the splitter?

anyone has actually tried this device?

Are you also following this? Solution for non-HDR AV receiver - #8 by Giovanni_Garcea

Nobody of the team has. But you might be able to PM this user: Profile - fragment - OSMC Forums He was the one we recommended looking into the splitter solution. Maybe he has tried it and can give feedback :+1:t2:

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