Beo4, 455kHz, Lirc, Rpi2


I’ve got a tsop7000 ir receiver and a Beo4 remote, running an Rpi2. The problem is that the IR receiver continuously receives signals, even if I cover the receiver with my thumbs. Is anybody out there who is sucessfully using the very beautiful Bang & Olufsen commander Beo4 ? Anybody knows a hint to point me in the right direction?

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I remember having a similar problem. I think it was solved by running the IR receiver off 3.3V, not 5V.

edit: this was the thread: Xbox 360 DVD IR remote multiple repeats - #7 by berto

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I can try and switch the voltage. But I am already running it on 3.3 Volt. But probably this one works better on 5 Volts… Anyway, I think it is a hardware problem. Reading this here on a B & O Forum it looks like others hat problems as well with a TSOP7000 receiver.

If your tsop requires 5v it is not suitable for a Raspberry Pi. Contrary to some of the “advice” out on the internet you should not run a tsop from the 5v rail on a Pi.

Get yourself a TSOP that works properly from 3.3v such as the TSOP38238, which I can vouch for as that’s the one I use.

There are dozens of different models of TSOPs with varying specs, some work better than others with the Pi, some don’t work very well at all. Random signals without any input is a sure sign that you have a model that is not suitable.

According to the specs a TSOP7000 should work from 2.7 up to 5 volts. There are not so many receiver for 455khz. Probably a TSOP98200 works better, it’s a wide range receiver from 30 up to 455 khz.

What carrier frequency does the Beo4 remote use ?

Most receivers including the one I recommended work at 38Khz, which is by far the most common carrier frequency for IR remotes, and filter out other frequencies. This is done precisely to filter out other interfering signals and prevent the kind of problems you are having.

(A bandpass filter around 38Khz is used, which increases the signal to noise ratio by filtering out unwanted signals)

Don’t use a “wide range” IR receiver, find out what carrier frequency the remote uses and buy a tsop that is tuned to work work only at that frequency.

The frequency is 455Khz - quite rare. There are a few links on how to make a Beo4 remote working with lirc, with the TSOP7000 which is tuned to 455khz. The best information I found is this link:
There’s even a plan for some additional filtering…