Best practice for OSMC on a RPi3 with a NAS storing all the media?

I’ve been using an RPi3 with a WD PiDrive as my media center, but the PiDrive is pretty damn close to failing, so I purchased a NAS to back it up. While I was considering buying another PiDrive (and just using the NAS as a backup), I’m now leaning towards using the NAS as a source since it’s drives are better suited for constant use. Now I’m on the fence between mounting the NAS as a source, or using Plex on the NAS to serve up the media.

Anyone running OSMC on a Pi have any first hand experience using a NAS as source, vs using Plex Media Server on a NAS as source?

For myself, the majority of my video media is streaming, but the majority of my audio media is local. I’m just looking for the most seamless experience using OSMC, but having my audio library housed on a NAS that can run Plex.

No problems with my owned media (DVD.iso, bd.mkv, cd.mp3) stored on my Unraid NAS from osmc on rp2, rp3, Vero 4k, and Vero 2. Vero 1 and rp1 are long since boxed up. I had a little stutter in 1080p when my Nas was a D525 based unit, but upped the hardware specs and all is great.
Side note, I use SMB via fstab

All my video I get from streaming services, so I’m not worried about that; I’m more setting this up for my music library.

For fstab, does this look right?

//192.168.1.x/path/to/music  /mount/for/music       cifs username=USERNAME,password=PASSWORD,nofail,x-systemd.automount,,x-systemd.device-timeout=1  0

take a peek here:

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