Best way to mount remote shares

I’ve been accessing my QNAP shares via nfs in the kodi interface and understand this isn’t the best way to do this.

My shares are and Movies

I’ve tried the systemd method that @grahamh suggests below, is the recommended way?

It seems the most stable also for reconnections seems to be autofs

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That is not totally correct. It works very nicely out of the Box if your NAS, and your network are stable (so it happens to be here).
Best is to have a decent NAS, and Vero + NAS hooked up to Ethernet. That’s how you’ll have least problems.

From experience, using autofs/systemd etc. is done only to handle the disconnects happening from time to time in WiFi enabled environment, or unstable network/server setups.

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Yeah I’m on WiFi. Occasionally the network seems to disconnect, fixed by rebooting, so thought I’d try one of the alternative methods.

My vote is for autofs, these days.


Thanks, if I’ve already done your systemd method do I just delete the files and reboot, or do I need to run something to unmount them?

Just manually unmount the fstab entries:

sudo umount /mnt/<MOUNTPOINT>

and then remove them from fstab. Or you could remove them and reboot.

Thanks, they weren’t fstab entries, I used the method in my 1st post. I’ve done the autofs thing now and rescanned, all looks good.

Thanks all

I didn’t read your post close enough, I thought when you mentioned systemd that you had used fstab (since fstab uses systemd). I had totally forgotten about the pure systemd method.

Definitely autofs is the way to go nowdays. I use it and it works great.

You could have used path substitution instead of re-scanning, but it’s probably cleaner in the long run to have done the scan. And it makes it easier in the future to add another device with a shared library.

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