Best way to remote access à Synology NAS with a Vero 4K+

Thank you for your responses.
I’ve figured out the issue : the NAS firewall…
That and possibly the fact that WireGuard is easier to configure than OpenVPN (I haven’t retested with the latter).

To sum up the process :

In my case a temporary disabling of the firewall is what gave the game away.
Next time I’ll be on vacation I should now be able to use my Vero4K+ for remote content… Happy days.

Of course very variable with bitrate but 720p seems fine on an LTE connection, not so much 1080p. I’m hoping with FTTH it should be fine. If not, I may go via the direct webdav route (not wireguard in between) but it doesn’t seem as secure.

Thanks again for the help.