Blank video on vero4k+ - vero4k works fine


Recently I’ve had a few video files which are not playing correctly. Blank video, audio only. This is on my Vero 4k. On a different TV with an original Vero, it works fine. Same versions.

I’ve seen a few threads about this and tried some suggestion in there (like forcing 422 output) with no change.


What do you mean by original Vero? Is it a Vero from 2015?

Ugh, sorry, got totally confused.

The device not working is the vero 4k+
The device working fine is the vero 4k

This should be fixed in a near future update. If interested, you can test this in advance. See [TESTING] Debian 11 Bullseye.

Upgraded to bullseye, and yes this now happily plays the video formats that weren’t working before.

Thanks for that!

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Brilliant, glad to hear this.