Blue Rays ISO Menü

Hello I got the box brand new today. And would love to play my Blue Rays Isos. But it always shows me if I want it with the menu that it is not supported. What can I do that it works? Many thanks in advance lg holymann

What type of menu are you trying to play? Is it a BD-J menu? If so - we don’t support these. But the feature itself can still be played.


Yes, a BD-J menu is about Java.
Aquaman, Star Wars, etc. Isn’t there a way to do that with some trick? I bought the box especially for this purpose. Because I was told it was the best media player on the market. LG Holymann

No - BD-J menus are unfortunately not supported. There have been some efforts to support it on this forum, but we don’t recommend this approach.

The films themselves will still play.

Ok thanks for your answer. Then without menus. LG Holymann

Yes, you will have to play these files without menu support for now unfortunately.