Bluetooth audio

Hi all,

Hopefully this can be done, I have had a search around but not been able to find anything.

I am running OSMC from a Raspberry Pi2 connected to my TV via HDMI.

I also have a ‘media sofa’ with built in speakers, these can be connected to via Bluetooth. I also have a Bluetooth adapter connected to my Pi.

What I was wondering is… Is it possible to connect OSMC to the Bluetooth speakers for audio out ASWELL as having audio out from my TV speakers via HDMI?

And how would I go about this?

Cheers in advance :smile:

I wonder that you didn’t saw this entry

Which was just directly on top when you made your thread. So simple answer:

  1. Currently only in testing not in stable mode
  2. Currently only either HDMI or Bluetooth not both at the same time