Bluetooth transfer

can i transfer files via bluetooth to the osmc just like in libreelec using obex commander?

Anyone knows?

It’s possible, but not something we support out of the box by default.

Bluetooth certainly won’t be the fast / most effective way to moves files between your devices.

Okay,do you know any workarounds to transfer files via Bluetooth on kodi interface?
Thank you for your timr I am looking forward to your response

Why do you want to use Bluetooth? WLAN would be much faster.

Every summer and Easter I go to my summer house and there I don’t have any internet connection because it is isolated and I wanted to transfer files like small videos or music (the last summer I was using libreelec with obex commander and it worked perfectly)

You can either make OSMC or your phone a hotspot to transfer files.

The hotspot requires signal and I don’t even have good signal there unfortunately

Speaking as someone who spends too much time sorting out BT problems, I don’t think we’re going to be able to support OBEX - it’s a bit niche.

Can I suggest you just take a SD card or USB stick when you go away?

You do know you can play music from a phone to OSMC using BT audio? Atm it’s not installed by default. See here

For your use, you don’t have to mess with the .asoundrc file, you should just be able to install the package, pair the phone with your OSMC device and select it as output on your phone.

okay i will do that, thank you

btw i am on kodi 19, will i have to install the package because i think you mentioned in the thread that in kodi 19 the package is installed, or i i didnt undertand wrong?

It should’ve been included, but wasn’t.

in which directory should i copy the .deb package from bluez alsa? and also can i copy it to my pi 4 using kodi file manager?

A Hotspot would create a direct connection between your Phone and your OSMC device. No “signal” needed there.


Anyone?in which directory should I copy the deb package and its it possible to copy the file using file manager on kodi?

It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s accessible by the osmc user, it’s just an installation package.

Feel free to google more about deb packages.