Buffering video playing throw LAN

Hi! I run OSMC on Raspberry3 to watch movies on TV. Local files, connected via USB, play perfectly.
The problem is video files there are on PC and connect to Rasp by wireless.
The video stop after few minutes, buffering, starts again, stops and as go on…
Waht can I do???
Thanks for help!

  1. Check your wireless performance (wavemon and iperf)
  2. Use fstab based mounts instead of the ones from within Kodi

Some tutorial for install and configure fstab?

I still suggest to first check point number one.

Well you didn’t mentioned which protocol you are using but for samba follow this

I´m using Samba.
About wireless performance, I don´t know how to interpret the data I get. What´s good? What´s need for good performance? That´s why I think to go directly to point two.

Well in wavemon signal strenght should be better than 65db (lower is better).
And you should have no retries or loss.

In Iperf you need to have >40Mbit and stable