[BUG REPORT] Danish Hardware Keyboard layout not working

I don’t know your state but here, in italy, i can buy a BASIC and “stupid” usb italian qwerty keyboard at less of 5€ :slight_smile:

if you actually read my post I stated that the price for POSTAGE (sending from my country to another) is through the roof. I said nothing about the keyboard price as i already have one laying around.

Same problem with Russian layout.

Norwegian keyboard also not working (guess not a big surprise though)

I guess the best fix is to get a english keyboard and go back to using aa=å, ae=æ and oe=ø + english format dates. Takes too much time to set up the nationals/keyboards right these days (both to make it work in the codes and trying to configure it)…

Or maybe all need to learn Chinese soon :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for necroposting, but this is still an issue, and I find this to be the best and most logical place to provide a solution.
After over 3 days of trying and failing to fix this problem I have finally found a solution that worked for me. Before this, I had already tried to use every solution I could find on the wide web. To clarify:

Setup: ASUS laptop X73TA with Kodi 16.1 (Jarvis) with Kodibuntu running on Ubuntu 14.04.

Problem: Virtual keyboard and terminal works fine with my Norwegian keyboard, and provides correct output. Inside Kodi however, my keyboard acts as a US-keyboard.

Solutions tried: “setxkbmap” (works in desktop-/Lubuntu-mode, but not in Kodi), “dpkg-reconfigure locals”, “dpkg-reconfigure console-data”, “dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration” and every combination of settings with regards to language, locale, keyboard layout, and the like.

Solution: “loadkeys”. To solve this, I had to use the loadkeys command from the terminal in Kodi-mode (not in Lubuntu). You can enter this by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1-6 (CTRL+ALT+F7 to get back to Kodi).

For a one-time fix:

  1. Enter terminal in Kodi-mode (explained above).
  2. Enter command sudo loadkeys no (replace “no” with your relevant layout, eg. de-latin1 for German or dk-latin1 for Danish).
  3. Should give output like Loading /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/no.kmap.gz, or something similar.

For a permanent fix (runs on startup):

  1. Enter terminal (I think you can do this from Lubuntu as well, but I do not know).
  2. Edit “/etc/rc.local” to run this command on startup: loadkeys no-latin1 (or use any other method to get a shell command to run on startup, eg. systemd or init.d, depending on your system).
  3. Reboot the system, and your keyboard layout should be changed!

I hope this works for others than me. I give no guarantees that this solution will work for you, but at least it did for me, so I hope it does for you too!

NB: Sometimes, it seems you need to input “no-latin1”, while other times “no” does the trick. I do not know why.

I fixed this issue with French keyboard layout by installing console-common which takes care of activating the keyboard layout configured by console-data. Kinda weird that the config is in one package and the tools to activate it in another, but this works.

If you have installed console-setup at some point, just remove it beforehand:

$ sudo apt purge console-setup

Then install console-common:

$ sudo apt install console-common

This will also install console-data. During the configuration stage, select “choose keymap from list”. If you had already installed console-data, you can just reconfigure it to select the proper keymap:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data
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This will be address properly in OSMC soon.

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Hi sam,

I’m on


and the Problem, in my case german keyboard, is still there. Do you need a german keyboard? Can you order one? Tell me by PM how much it will cost and give me your bank account details, I# ll send the money to getr the issue resolved.

kr Heinz (from Vienna, Austria)

NB: I believe an other problem with german character set I have might be solved as well (tracktitles for external optical drive mounted audio cd are missing).

Funny, that Negerian prince asked for the same thing!

That’s kind of you, but not necessary. I know what the problem is but need to develop a proper fix to it, as well as find the time to do this. It will get done. I can replicate the issue on a British English keyboard (QWERTY) as well with some symbols.

That’s NOT funny! I tried to help since a need a solution myself. I could donate the money if that convinces you and the person buying a foreign keyboard gets the money.

Angry Heinz

OK sam I’ll wait for your solution. If you need help from an “only user” to test or pay for expanses I’m willing to help.

kr from Vienna, Austria,

Once again, thanks for the offer, but I don’t need any hardware to solve the problem. I know what needs to be done but need to work on it.


I would also welcome a solution which will allow to fully use my German QWERTZ bluetooth Rii mini i8 keyboard.


Was this ever solved or added as a feature in osmc? I om on pi3b and Danish hardware keyboard if it matters.

If anyone Russian is still following this, can you point me to a linux keymap for Cyrillic which outputs utf (not KOI8) and which matches a typical Russian keyboard (not the ‘phonetic’ layout).

Спасибо хорошо

I have a solution working for western European languages and Greek already and talking to Sam about getting it into OSMC.

I’ll ask the Russians

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but I pulled this from a Debian 8 system:

cat /usr/share/rdesktop/keymaps/ru
# generated from XKB map ru
include common
map 0x419
exclam 0x02 shift
at 0x03 shift
quotedbl 0x03 shift altgr
numbersign 0x04 shift
dollar 0x05 shift
asterisk 0x05 shift altgr
percent 0x06 shift
colon 0x06 shift altgr
asciicircum 0x07 shift
comma 0x07 shift altgr
ampersand 0x08 shift
period 0x08 shift altgr
asterisk 0x09 shift
semicolon 0x09 shift altgr
parenleft 0x0a shift
parenright 0x0b shift
minus 0x0c
underscore 0x0c shift
equal 0x0d
plus 0x0d shift
Cyrillic_shorti 0x10 altgr
Cyrillic_SHORTI 0x10 shift altgr
Cyrillic_tse 0x11 altgr
Cyrillic_TSE 0x11 shift altgr
Cyrillic_u 0x12 altgr
Cyrillic_U 0x12 shift altgr
Cyrillic_ka 0x13 altgr
Cyrillic_KA 0x13 shift altgr
Cyrillic_ie 0x14 altgr
Cyrillic_IE 0x14 shift altgr
Cyrillic_en 0x15 altgr
Cyrillic_EN 0x15 shift altgr
Cyrillic_ghe 0x16 altgr
Cyrillic_GHE 0x16 shift altgr
Cyrillic_sha 0x17 altgr
Cyrillic_SHA 0x17 shift altgr
Cyrillic_shcha 0x18 altgr
Cyrillic_SHCHA 0x18 shift altgr
Cyrillic_ze 0x19 altgr
Cyrillic_ZE 0x19 shift altgr
bracketleft 0x1a
braceleft 0x1a shift
Cyrillic_ha 0x1a altgr
Cyrillic_HA 0x1a shift altgr
bracketright 0x1b
braceright 0x1b shift
Cyrillic_hardsign 0x1b altgr
Cyrillic_HARDSIGN 0x1b shift altgr
Cyrillic_ef 0x1e altgr
Cyrillic_EF 0x1e shift altgr
Cyrillic_yeru 0x1f altgr
Cyrillic_YERU 0x1f shift altgr
Cyrillic_ve 0x20 altgr
Cyrillic_VE 0x20 shift altgr
Cyrillic_a 0x21 altgr
Cyrillic_A 0x21 shift altgr
Cyrillic_pe 0x22 altgr
Cyrillic_PE 0x22 shift altgr
Cyrillic_er 0x23 altgr
Cyrillic_ER 0x23 shift altgr
Cyrillic_o 0x24 altgr
Cyrillic_O 0x24 shift altgr
Cyrillic_el 0x25 altgr
Cyrillic_EL 0x25 shift altgr
Cyrillic_de 0x26 altgr
Cyrillic_DE 0x26 shift altgr
semicolon 0x27
colon 0x27 shift
Cyrillic_zhe 0x27 altgr
Cyrillic_ZHE 0x27 shift altgr
apostrophe 0x28
quotedbl 0x28 shift
Cyrillic_e 0x28 altgr
Cyrillic_E 0x28 shift altgr
grave 0x29
asciitilde 0x29 shift
Cyrillic_io 0x29 altgr
Cyrillic_IO 0x29 shift altgr
backslash 0x2b
bar 0x2b shift
Cyrillic_ya 0x2c altgr
Cyrillic_YA 0x2c shift altgr
Cyrillic_che 0x2d altgr
Cyrillic_CHE 0x2d shift altgr
Cyrillic_es 0x2e altgr
Cyrillic_ES 0x2e shift altgr
Cyrillic_em 0x2f altgr
Cyrillic_EM 0x2f shift altgr
Cyrillic_i 0x30 altgr
Cyrillic_I 0x30 shift altgr
Cyrillic_te 0x31 altgr
Cyrillic_TE 0x31 shift altgr
Cyrillic_softsign 0x32 altgr
Cyrillic_SOFTSIGN 0x32 shift altgr
comma 0x33
less 0x33 shift
Cyrillic_be 0x33 altgr
Cyrillic_BE 0x33 shift altgr
period 0x34
greater 0x34 shift
Cyrillic_yu 0x34 altgr
Cyrillic_YU 0x34 shift altgr
slash 0x35
question 0x35 shift
slash 0x56 altgr
bar 0x56 shift altgr

This is for an ЙЦУКЕН layout, which is the one most common used, though I understand there are others. It has its limitations in the world of IT, however. See Russian Keyboard Layout and Programing

Thanks. That doesn’t look like an old-fashioned keymap. Could be for X?

There’s a whole bunch of Cyrillic keyboard files if you run

apt-get download console-cyrillic
dpkg -x console-cyrillic_0.9-16.2_all.deb cyrillic

Maybe you’ll find something there.