Calibre Ebook magician on vero 4K+

I am looking to install and configure a fresh version of Calibre to work on a vero 4K

I found a 5 year old thread mentioning calibre but the person was running it on a ATV

Is it as easy to install as using the commands mentioned here ?

Are there people currently running calibre on their vero devices? How does it work? Do you have full functionality like transforming eBooks from one format to an other? Is the marketplace scan feature working?

This won’t work on a Vero or any other OS such as OSMC that does not utilize a window manager.

Ah ok :cry:

Thanks for explaining

@k2u3 you could try to install a window manager (not sure if @joakim_s kept the script upto date but I think so.

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Should at least be installable, been working on v.2.0, but other things have taken priority.

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