Can I Reorder The Sub-menus On The Home Screen?

Hi, I’m just wondering if it is possible to change the order of the sub-menus as displayed on the Home Screen? For example, under the Movies menu, you have Genres, Title, Year, Actors, Directors, Studios, Sets, Countries and Tags, but on the Home Screen it only shows them as far as Studios.

Now, apart from Genres and Year, about the only other one I use is Sets, but in order to get to that menu I select something like Genres, then scroll to the top of the list and select the ‘…’ option. That then gives me access to the full list of sub-menus from where I can select Sets.

I know it’s not the most difficult thing to do, but just wondering if it’s possible, so that I can see Sets on the sub-menu on the Home Screen.

Or if that’s not possible, is it possible to delete/hide a sub-menu e.g. the ones I don’t use.

I’ve decided to reply to my own post, as it may help someone along the line. I couldn’t find anything using the search about reordering the sub-menus, hence my post.

However, I then started searching for other things and came across a brilliant post by bas on a completely different topic. His particular post is here:

The official way to do this is to install the “Library Node Editor” add-on.
This, among other things, allows you to reorder menu items.

Does the “Library Node Editor” add-on only work with Estuary or will it work with Confluence? Thx.

Kind of answered my own question. I went into Estuary (downloaded the library editor) and modified the submenu (in my case Music). Then went back to Confluence (which I really like) and there was the modified submenu. However, a caveat…I did lose one of the submenus but have not yet taken the time to figure out which one. In the end, tho, it won’t matter much since I didn’t use any of the Music submenus…until now.

Thx and cheers…