Change Wi-Fi network

I’m new to the forum so first of all … thank you, thank you and thank you!
After several attempts I was able to install Alpha 4 on my Raspberry with wi-fi working … The first 3 attempts not connected to my wi-fi … I did not understand what was wrong … :frowning:
Now I have this problem: I want to give my Raspberry to my brother that has its wi-fi … how can I search for the new Wi-Fi and connect? there is a GUI in OSMC? I went in OSMC setting-> Network-> Wi-Fi but when I choose scan for search wi-fi nothing happen …
Moral: I can manage the settings of the wi-fi (scan, connect and parameters) in OSMC or I can be done only during installation? The second case is not the best … :frowning:
Thanks again!

No answer… :frowning:

In 2 hours that is the middle of the night in most places?
Are we a little impatient?

Have a look at this this post and attached thread, it should help OSMC Alpha 4 on RPi 2; WiFi problems on r8188eu (TP-Link WN725N V2) - #2 by DBMandrake

Also have a look at /boot/preseed.cfg I’m not sure but editing this MAY change your settings, maybe someone in the know will let us know.

I checked with others and if you edit the above cfg file and then run the command sudo /usr/bin/preseed
It should update to the new network, not 100% sure of that though. You’ll hve to try it and see. Remember this is ALPHA software :slight_smile: regardless of how finished it feels and appears

I’m sorry and I apologize!
Thanks for the answer… so there’s no GUI in OSMC to manage the settings of the network, right? Rightly talk about a Alpha release, but it will be possible in the future to have a GUI? you’re working on this?
Thanks again and again sorry!

Yes, of course there will be a GUI, the start of it is in the settings app unfortunately it’s not working yet.

all clear!
you have been very kind!