Deleting file from USB stick mounted on Vero4K

Many thanks, will edit the file as you suggest. There is one further question with this fix:
Does this mean that the mount will be for the unique ID of the USB I had been using?
Is that correct? Not a problem now but possibly not so good with different sticks and users. Clearly I still have much to learn so thanks for your help.

No, the UUID is a unique identifier for the partition on the USB you have been using. The important distinction being that when you reformat the UUID will change.

I’m sure the defaults will get updated in a future release so this would not be necessary. That being said if you have numerous devices you can add a new line for each one, or if your only using one at a time you can just give all the drives the same label and use that to mount with instead of the UUID. In my example above it would be…

LABEL=exfat /mnt/exfat exfat rw,users,uid=1000,dmask=000,fmask=000,nofail 0 0

There isn’t anything here that is OSMC specific so…