Did the July update break the 8812au? Video freezing

Problem started after the latest update. After about 5 min video just stops and the interface freezes, needing a reboot.

removed the 8812au adapter and went to a wired connection, and no issue. been playing a video now for about an hour

anyone else see this?

No changes to 8812au since May.

Could be a power supply issue: 802.11ac adapters use a bit of power.

Well logs always helps, but if it is a 5 minutes interval than might be this thread helps you

I remember a couple of days ago you said you ordered the OSMC WiFi adapter. Do you get the problem with our adapter?

@fzinken Your thread won’t affect 8812au; and the issue in that thread shouldn’t cause the device to lock up


I haven’t received the new adapter yet. Ordered early AM last thursday. I’m in the US.

As far as the 8812au, it was working fine with the same power adapter before the update. It’s a 2.4A power supply from a samsung tablet.

I’m just speculating that it may be the wifi, since everything now works when it’s removed (And was working prior to the update).

Tablet chargers very rarely provide the proper power.
If you’re on a Pi3, then the charger is already under-spec, assuming it had 100% efficiency.

Re-add one USB device at a time.

That’s worth emphasising. First, the maximum stated power output might not be achieved, which is more common with no-name units, but with chargers there can also be a pronounced “sag” in the output voltage as current usage increases, which you can only find out by measuring the unit in operation.

For a charger, it might be acceptable if the voltage drops to 4.5V (or less) when current draw is high, but the Raspberry Pi isn’t so tolerant and apparently needs a minimum of 4.75V at all times for stable operation.

So the bottom line is that a charger is designed to charge, not act as a PSU, and there’s therefore a good chance that it will be unsuitable for powering a Pi.

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