Disable connman due to OpenVPN

Hi, I want to install OpenVPN on my osmc running on a Raspberry Pi 3. I made some tutorials how to install openvpn server on Debian, Raspian and also Windows Server.

But on OSMC the problem is, that the /etc/network/interfaces is ignored. But because I need bridging I need to setup a br0 device and a tap0.

This does not work at the moment. How can I either:

  • use connmgr to create tap and br devices?
  • disable connmgr and use the traditional way debian is configuring network adapters?

Thanks very much in advance for your reply.

There is a HowTo on instaling OpenVPN Server on OSMC.

Hi, thanks for your manual. This seem to work if you use OpenVPN in tun mode what you did, but I need the openvpn server in bridge mode (tap). So i need to create a bridged device. How does this work with osmc?

My manual is here: http://www.ben-wagner.de/pages/manual106/computer-edv/openvpn-server-unter-linux-installieren.php

Sorry, its in germany, but the command etc. should be clear.

No idea, better ask the author of the manual.

I wrote that manual … and it works everywhere except on osmc because they use connmgr and the /etc/network/interfaces is ignored.

I meant the author of manual that I gave link to.