Do we have a for sale thread or market place?

Wanted to ask if we have a market place here in osmc where we can sell our items and buy items from others?

If not can we start one???

Im looking to sell both my appletv’s w crystal hd cards and thought id ask here as this is the appletv section…

No we currently don’t. Usually people post in the general category for sales. I don’t know if a thread or market category is needed. Not that much selling going on here. @sam_nazarko thoughts?

Just put it in general

Just to be on the same side, @sam_nazarko u did say i could list them in the appletv section for sale?

Yes that’s fine

You may have more luck selling the device on eBay / Craigslist etc.

Very true, but wouldnt hurt to try here, maybe someone needs one ? Thanks ill do some research and see what i should list them as, and if i dont sell them here, ill list on ebay

@sam_nazarko sent me a pm saying i could list them in the apple tv section, i just wanted to make sure…