Docker not working since Buster update

Hi all
I updated a couple of Vero4K’s to the Buster update using the instructions on the thread below. Since then Docker on both of them has stopped working.

I understand by searching the forum that some people have had issues with Docker on Buster but haven’t seen the issue I describe. I’ve changed it so aufs isn’t used and have run the iptables command update-alternatives --set ip6tables /usr/sbin/ip6tables-legacy update-alternatives --set iptables /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy.

If I try and run dockerd I get the below.

iptables v1.8.2 (legacy): Couldn't load match 'addrtype':No such file or directory `

If I run (checks for Docker requirements) I get the below. You’ll notice addrtype says missing. Does that mean it isn’t built in to the kernel and if so how are others running Docker?

root@osmc:~# ./
warning: /proc/config.gz does not exist, searching other paths for kernel config ...
info: reading kernel config from /boot/config-4.9.113-27-osmc ...

Generally Necessary:
- cgroup hierarchy: properly mounted [/sys/fs/cgroup]
- CONFIG_NET_NS: enabled
- CONFIG_PID_NS: enabled
- CONFIG_IPC_NS: enabled
- CONFIG_UTS_NS: enabled
- CONFIG_MEMCG: enabled
- CONFIG_KEYS: enabled
- CONFIG_VETH: missing
- CONFIG_BRIDGE: enabled (as module)
- CONFIG_BRIDGE_NETFILTER: enabled (as module)
- CONFIG_NF_NAT_IPV4: enabled

Yeah I’ve seen that. I’m on the 4.9 kernel and it doesn’t work. My issue is different to that post (at least I think it is) which is why I didn’t respond there.

I’m guessing that:

is probably connected to this:

Yep, as I thought. Is this something I can fix or is it a kernel ommision? If so I’m confused as to how anyone can be running docker on 4.9

It’s missing from the 4.9 kernel, though is present in the 3.14 kernel.

Support has been added, but a new 4.9 build with this functionality hasn’t yet been built



Thank you Sam. So to confirm, Docker will not be working on 4.9 at present? I’m getting confused when I see some saying it does/should work in other threads when I don’t see how.

The users saying it does work are likely using Buster on the 3.14 kernel

Makes sense now. I had assumed Buster was only available with the 4.9 kernel. Also you mentioned on that ‘auto mounting’ thread that Docker works on 4.9 though now it’s confirmed it doesn’t. Thank you.

Just FYI I forgot to add the following to my initial post - when running dockerd I get this before the iptables error (though I don’t believe this is stopping dockerd running like the iptables issue above, rather it’s an informational warning that might be worth adding to the kernel…?)

@sam_nazarko do you know when the kernel with the iptables fix may be released?

WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385028588Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio weight
WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385146254Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio weight_device
WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385530879Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio throttle.read_bps_device
WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385728338Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio throttle.write_bps_device
WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385879546Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio throttle.read_iops_device
WARN[2020-12-15T14:15:34.385995879Z] Your kernel does not support cgroup blkio throttle.write_iops_device

The next 4.9 kernel will indeed have this fix, but I don’t have an ETA on it at this time. There are a couple of more things we’d like to fix first.