Does lack of live TV mean tuner not supported?

I have the RPi version of OSMC running on a model 3B (no plus). The USB TV tuner is a model 801e SE by PCTV Systems. Since nothing comes up under Live TV does that mean it just isn’t supported or is there something I need to add on or configure myself? I can’t find a list of supported USB tuners so I’m just guessing here. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

You would need to install a TVHeadend Server. It should be available in MyOSMC - App Store

Thanks, I found that and downloaded. The system says that service is running. Also I found on that this model is supported. In the OSMC Settings > Live TV there is nothing to indicate the system finds the thing. What do I need to do to enable it once TVHeadEnd is running?

You would need to configure the TVHeadend Server.
The specific config depends on your Tuner or TV Signal Type. I guess there are many guides out there on the internet.

A couple of HowTo’s

Thanks, I guess I had the wrong idea about what OSMC was. This TVHeadEnd wants me to view via a browser on another computer whereas I just wanted to watch TV on the RPi with the USB tuner in it directly.

Not really. TVHeadend is the backend (that you would need to configure via the Browser).
After you have configure that you then can use OSMC/Kodi as a frontend to view the EPG and view the Programm on your TV in the LiveTV section.

So you can have TVHeadend Backend and your OSMC Frontend on the same machine. While you as an addon also would be able to watch on other Clients.

You may find this helpful as well.