Dolby Vision

Sam, do you have any program to release a new box capable of Dolby Vision?
I would buy it over the various nvidia and others.
Thank you.


Unfortunately we can’t comment on this at this time.

What about being able to use DV files by tonemapping them in realtime and outputting HDR10? Is this, or something similar, possible for the future?

This is something we are looking in to. This would allow us to support Profile 5 content which currently looks pink / greenish if there is no fallback layer present.


How are you handling the fact that DV metadata is dynamic from scene to scene where HDR10 metadata is static for the entire movie?

There are a few ways…


Thanks a lot for your reply. Glad you are looking into it.

how is the situation on this? can we expect a DV mp4 and ts support in the near future?

I feel very confident that if there was something to share, the OSMC team wouldn’t just be sitting on it waiting for someone to ask. I think this is still probably the best answer you are going to get:

Is the playback of profile 5 still being considered as I have a few of them now and would love to watch them on my Vero.


Thanks Sam

Homatics S905x4 box running CoreELEC 21 Nightly now supports Dolby Vision!

Reading that post, it feels like that all means that there would have to be a new Vero (maybe the Vero Vision??) with new hardware to support Dolby Vision. Which I was kind of expecting. Also, you may take my money at any time for that.


Which raises a question with me.
Will my life, although I already have capable hardware, be much better with DoVi?
I kinda doubt that.
On my Google TV I can view DoVi and my conclusion was that it’s not the holy grail.

I agree. I once setup a Vero 4K+ and a Zidoo 1000 pro and calibrated the settings to my best abilities to match one another. Than played the same DV movie simultaneously on both devices. With my 47 yo eyes on an LG C2, i couldn’t tell the difference. My quick conclusion was that Vero does a great job at converting DV to HDR10

I’ve been looking at profile-8 converted mkv’s via Infuse on the ATV, with my Panny TV matched as closely as possible across picture modes to give a fair comparison and the TV in player-led Dolby Vision mode (I really dislike the Panny implementation of TV-led DV, some dark scenes get lifted to ridiculous brightness levels). For me the profile-8 converted files are ahead in terms of PQ even though the full-fat FEL is not included. The HDR10 version is a little flat in comparison (either the unconverted version via Infuse or on the Vero). So I’m definitely interested in DV support for my mkv files, and for now will stick with Infuse for my DV titles as its lack of support for HD audio passthrough isn’t a dealbreaker for me, the 5/7.1 PCM is ok in my setup.

My credit card is on stand-by if a Vero device comes along with DV support :slight_smile:

There have been various attempts to standardise what comes out of the consumer display. Dolby Vision is the latest but IMHO has failed on that. It may not be Dolby’s fault other than that they have made a system that’s so complicated only the cleverest guys in the TV makers can get their heads round it and optimise their equipment accordingly. The pressure to release new models at least annually doesn’t help, nor does Dolby shifting the goal posts from time to time (eg display-led is now essentially deprecated).

When it comes to your average STB maker in Shenzhen, who knows whether they can do DV right? I’ve spent hours with AMLogic’s code and corrected many mistakes they have made with colourspace conversions.

Bottom line: just getting that DV logo pop up on your screen doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a perfect picture.

What CE have done is impressive but no-one has suggested rushing off to buy a Homatics box and putting CE on it. Sam should take that as a vote of confidence :smiley:


As you know, we’ve discussed Dolby Vision and licensing details here for a long time.

Dolby demand that hardware is licensed with royalties paid. We found some of these licensing terms to be significantly imposing and restrictive of our goal to be an open source media player. Dolby are also very involved in evaluating and testing that the implementation of Dolby Vision is correct. This would have been tested on the Homatics box under the Android TV environment rather than under CE. While the efforts by CE are impressive, I’m not sure there will be a significant number of ‘open’ devices that have Dolby Vision and allow another distribution like CoreELEC to be booted. I’m not sure of the exact licensing terms but suspect that Google require Android TV devices to have a secure, verified bootloader which could prevent booting other operating systems.

We have been looking at supporting the ICtCp colourspace which is used in DV profile 5 streams. It seems to be a priority for most users rather than the difference between DV and the underlying compatibility stream (as @JackMikkers, @Numiah has noted above). This gets rid of the green and purple picture when there is no fallback layer. Ultimately we would wish to bring a DV-like experience to non DV displays which would be at least as good as CE’s solution for such displays.

We don’t always do things first but we tend to do them right


I think coreelec are working directly with homatics, this makes things a lot easier i guess. I think the fall back layer is the best bet if you can manage it.
Keep up the good work :+1: