Dolby Vision

Sam, do you have any program to release a new box capable of Dolby Vision?
I would buy it over the various nvidia and others.
Thank you.

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Unfortunately we can’t comment on this at this time.

What about being able to use DV files by tonemapping them in realtime and outputting HDR10? Is this, or something similar, possible for the future?

This is something we are looking in to. This would allow us to support Profile 5 content which currently looks pink / greenish if there is no fallback layer present.


How are you handling the fact that DV metadata is dynamic from scene to scene where HDR10 metadata is static for the entire movie?

There are a few ways…


Thanks a lot for your reply. Glad you are looking into it.

how is the situation on this? can we expect a DV mp4 and ts support in the near future?

I feel very confident that if there was something to share, the OSMC team wouldn’t just be sitting on it waiting for someone to ask. I think this is still probably the best answer you are going to get: