Driver For mt7662u_sta WiFi


apt search yielded linux-compiler-gcc-6-arm so I installed this (sudo apt-get install linux-compiler-gcc-6-arm). Sadly I get the same error on make

I did some Googling, there are some Pi OSMC posts, but not sure these are relevant (sorry, a bit beyond me), plus some Odroid ones. All seem to reference that the memory.h file is not properly installed by apt-get

For reference:

RPi3 TP-link T1U kernel module build: missing mach/memory.h

Compiling TV4l drivers failure

fatal error: mach/memory.h: No such file - ODROID

Arch Linux ARM • View topic - Odroid C1: Issue compiling application: mach/memory.h

I tried make ARCH=arm as suggested by one post, but same outcome, and sudo find /usr | grep mach/memory\\.h yields no results (I used \\ to ‘escape’ the . - hopefully that’s right…)

osmc@VERO2OSMC:~$ sudo find /usr | grep mach/memory\\.h

As always, any thoughts welcome.