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Hi Chaps

Could you tell me if you think this guidance is still best practice for linking my OSMC to my Afraid subdomain name; this post appears to be 4 years old and seems to include the actual script in the cronjob…is that even legal :wink: :wink: ?

Is there a better / more up to date approach?

Cheers, Geoff.

NB. I love what you’ve done with Pi / Debian and I’ve learnt heaps on this forum. (Thanks for the prompt and friendly support :wink: Do you have a donate feature where I could make a small gesture of my appreciation in support of our project? :osmc:

It’s not 4 years old, those posts were from May this year so should be pretty up to date.

Donatation box is on the right hand side on these pages on www.osmc.tv:

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Edit: i forgot the “huge” green button with a heart on the first page of forum

Hope you find it

Hey Geoff, first of not 4 years old and yes that script is correct since I did it from the documentation from that DNS provider.

And you can do it better but this is the simple approach without having to install additional applications like

  • DDClient
  • Inadyn

So if you feel like coming up with a better approach then feel free,i opted for the script and a cronjob

ps. those scripts are also “as is” not providing support on em per say.

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I believe you might don’t want to use the solution form the post you linked but actually just take the script from the threadowner and then just call that script from crontab.