ERROR: CCurlFile::Exists - Failed: Timeout was reached(28) for http://localhost:8585/source/VIDEO_TS.IFO

When I run Video -> Files
there will be a delay before files are displayed.

I turn on logging and then run log uploader - see ->

Any suggestion?

Why do you have a source http://localhost:8585 defined?

Also you have a banned repository defined in your sources. I’d recommend that you remove that.

Not related, but you don’t have Adjust Refresh Rate: Start/Stop set. You need this for the best experience.

I don’t explicitly defined any sources http://localhost:8585
a few days ago I had an external DVD drive connected to Vero.
Now, I see in media sources item ‘Automounted drives’ - should I remove it?
Sorry for my stupid question - i dont understood your advice …
you have banned repository defined in your sources. I’d recommend that you remove that.

You have a source defined that’s in the list of banned piracy addons. It didn’t get in the sources by itself, any more than the http://localhost line did. Either you added it, or you installed an addon that added those sources.

That’s normal and would have nothing to do with your error.

I dug a little deeper into your logs. The http://localhost line looks like something to do with the clouddrive added. Check it’s configuration.

Yes, you are right …
problematic was Carlos Guzman repository with add-ons for Google / One drive
Thank you for your advice

He was also right about that repository you have added. That site got busted quite a while back and it is not something you should be connected to.

I still would like to ask you again about banned repositories…
in which part of the log I’ll see a mention about banned repositories?

It’s in your .kodi/userdata/sources.xml I will PM you the exact line, as nice people don’t talk about piracy in public :grin: