Factory Reset Vero 4K

hi i know i can make a usb of OSMC and reinstall to factory default, but why is there no a way of doing this on SSH or a option on the setting to make it more easy “Like Erase Everything to Factory” with out the need of making a USB Key on the pc first, or maybe there is another way and i dont know


Why do you want to reset? If you just want to reset Kodi settings, ssh in, stop mediacenter and mv .kodi.

$ sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
$ mv .kodi .kodisave
$ sudo systemctl start mediacenter

And Kodi will be back to defaults.

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nothing big , just sometimes i like try different thinks then if i dont like i just reset back and restore my settings, so thus command will reset everything in kodi to 0?


still i dont see why dont have that choice of easy reset and erase everything

MyOSMC → Update → Manual Control → Reset Kodi on next reboot


This would reset all Kodi (MC part of OSMC) to Factory default.
Having an option to reset the whole device to factory default would mean that certain parts of the emmc would need to be reserved for a recovery partition. And as that anyhow would only be needed for people messing with the OS part of OSMC this would be unnessary burden for the thousands that only change the MC part of OSMC.

i did try reset kodi on the next reboot before and after reboot i still have my old library back, probably i will keep using the usb, to me nothing is better then star from scratch , we all have our prefer ways of doing things, anyways is no a big deal i was just curios

thanks for you help

That would be very strange and we should investigate.
So you mean you ticked that option, rebooted and you were not presented with the Initial configuration steps (choose language, skin,…)?

no it just reboot and still have the same library, then i just use the usb and reinstall osmc from 0 and thas what i like

Ok, will review with @sam_nazarko maybe there is an issue with the function.

Anyhow the step that @bmillham wrote will also reset your Kodi fully.

just did it, i select reset kodi on the next reboot, i reboot and nothing happen everything still the same, here is a logs if that help you

good night im goin to sleep

Thanks for the logs, we will look into it.

thank you that work great

What worked great?


How exactly do you input the commands you are referring to? I am quite a beginner with this stuff so I don’t know how to input commands.

You may find reinstalling to be easier

Thanks action. That link worked for me and I was able to take care of it.

Can this be fixed in the next update? :grin: I’m using July 2018 update and can confirm that the “MyOSMC -> Update -> Manual Control -> Reset Kodi on next reboot” doesn’t work. My wi-fi still can connect, my library is still intact, nothing’s changed.

I provided manual command line instructions above. As this is a rarely used function, and MyOSMC is currently undergoing a rewrite, it’s very low on the list of things to do.

No problem. As long as it’s going to get fixed eventually. Thanks.