Factory Reset Vero 4K

@ActionA Since Factory Reset is still broken I ssh’d in and emptied the .kodi directory. This removed the database and all but the initial setup isn’t invoked. How can I fix that? Want to resell the device after the 4K+ upgrade so I want to do that as clean as possible (unfortunately all my three USB sticks won’t boot OSMC and I can’t find any non-conductive pin for the forced boot workaround).

You need to delete the walkthrough_completed file from root directory.

Thanks! That was it, now off to another happy owner.

Reinstall from the OSMC website. You shouldn’t need to use a non conductive pin if the device is operational, but a toothpick works fine


Sorry, I already mailed it back.

Thanks for the quick response — this is better customer service than I get with Apple, by far!

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Not workign in August version neither…

Haven’t had a chance to look at this yet. For now you can move the Kodi directory away or reinstall

This has now been solved in the June update.

Re-activating a very old thread:
I have received the vero v this Friday, not yet tested. Plan to install it this evening.
If I reset the vero 4k+ (with the current update, since the bug has been fixed since the June update mentioned in this thread), all the settings are gone?
E.g. the access data/password to my NAS is deleted safely from it?
Thinking about selling the 4k+, hence my question.

You should reinstall OSMC from the download page.

Thanks for the confirmation, that for safe factory reset the image needs to be used :slight_smile:

“Safe”, anything stored digitally can often be restore if you know how and is determined. But in your case the info about “NAS” location it is often not sensitive information. Since it’s often located behind a “home router”, which means NAT and local IP-series. If the buyers try that address, it won’t be routed through their home router. Ergo. inaccessible from outside of your network.

No one sane would spend that amount of energy and time to get to a “local-ip”, if you had a password manager service running it could be worth it, but I doubt it.

Anyhow a re-image of the Vero4k will make it a lot harder to get to the previously stored data, to the point of it not being worth “diging after it”, UNLESS you know there is “useful” data on it before.

Thanks for the clarification and explanation :+1: