Feedback on using OSMC: tuner, Program recording, antenna


I appreciate the info. @theophilus mentioned that NAS can be problematic in smooth operation. As I mentioned, I have a 1TB HDD-based RPI 3/OSMC system so I expect I’m OK for now.

Again, thanks…

Want to apologize for the multiple postings. I’m still learning this system (lack of a quote button has thrown me off a bit :frowning: I promise to be better going forward…

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There is one by Peter Bennett on mythtv-users list: mythtv-users Info Page Sign up there and either search the archive or just post asking about it.


Had to do some searching and fussing but finally found the right process and have now downloaded TVH. Just need the TV tuners…


The HD Tuner you linked is the Hauppauge 1578 Single HDTV tuner. Hauppauge also has a Dual HDTV tuner Model 1595. Wonder if it works, as well. I guess that’s a question about whether drivers exist for it for TVH/Debian (it also comes with a remote…not sure what that means for control from TVH).

Ah, more research, I guess…

Not sure if the dual tuner works with TVHeadEnd. I googled it, but didn’t find much.

I have read that the Hauppauge remote control is pretty much useless. In my setup, I use the remote that came with my TV. Not exactly sure how this works, but I assume the TV passes the button presses to the RPi via the HDMI channel, using CEC. Anyway, it all works very well. I don’t feel the need for any other remote, or a keyboard on my RPi. I put black tape over the IR receiver on the USB Tuner to make sure the Pi was getting commands only via the TV HDMI channel.

I would recommend you stick with single tuners as they have proven to be more stable.

Not quite sure about that one

It’s more that users can manage them better


I don’t have CEC on my Samsung (bought for pic, not features). However, I do have my Samsung remote setup to control the RPI 3/OSMC which I believe should be able to send signals to a USB tuner, but it uses the DVD player codes which may not provide channel select. Oh, boy, more experimenting :slight_smile:

However, since I do want dual (and maybe more) tuner, this may require the HDHomeRun dual tuner over LAN.

I appreciate the input. Like I mentioned to @theophilus that may narrow my choices to HDHomeRun. Might be an interesting way to go for future expansion and/or configurations, tho.

Manage what? Creating/modifying drivers for this specific device or just general development of support.

Got a response from Hauppauge this morning:

“At this time we do not have any dual tuner USB devices that will work in
that environment.”

That environment being -> RPI 3/OSMC/TVHeadEnd on a Debian/Raspian Jessie

So, Dual HDTuner from Hauppauge is off the list.

I’m a Silicon Dust fan and started with the HDHomeRun Prime, when we had TWC cable working with Windows Media Center. We cut the cord a year ago and I moved to using the HDHomeRun Connect. I used the Kodi plugin for the HDHR and it works well. I recently bought the new HDHomeRun Extend. It gets all the same stations, no real improvement there. You can set the FPS/speed in the settings but I have not figured out yet what works best, I’ve been having issues with shuttering on some of my recordings on the WMC.

I think the HDHomeRun’s are the way to go since they are on the network and can be used by multiple devices. I will watch TV half the time on my iPad or iPhone instead of my regular TV that has my RPi3 on it, just for convenience and location in the house. This is a huge advantage over a USB TV tuner. I would recommend spending the money on the InstaTV Pro iOS app, it works great and with the purchase it will work on all of your iOS devices tied to that account.

I also have a Synology NAS, this can be set up as a backend PVR/DVR that can use the HDHomeRun products. It is really nice to have my TV/movie collection on it to stream to Kodi. It also has a good app offering for other devices (iOS and Android), which makes it very flexible.

Repeat a comment from another post, be sure to buy the video MPEG license for your RPi, big improvement on doing video playback on the RPi hw vs Kodi software.

I still can’t get TV headend to satisfactorily pause and timeslip live TV. (Rpi3 with dual TV-USB tuners). Apart from that everything is working well

(also recording a tv series is not easy in OSMC but you can do it in the browser window)

Why? Go to EPG, press “c” on the Series you want to record, choose “Add Timer” and define pattern.

Great feedback. Thanks.

I’m tending towards the HDHomeRun (Frys just put the HDHR Connect on Sale @ $67) because of the ability to put the tuner anywhere and that it offloads the poor, power starved RPI 3 box :slight_smile: Also, since OSMC/Kodi claims to handle up to 8 tuners (not sure the RPI 3 has the bandwidth, tho) is means I can add a tuner pretty much at any time.

I have an HDD-based (1 TB) RPI 3 so I’m not sure a NAS has value for me at the moment…but it’s something to keep in mind down the road.

Thanks again for the feedback. Very helpful.

Curious…who offers the dual USB tuner? I checked with Hauppauge (see above) and they said they didn’t have anything that worked with OSMC/Kodi.


Thanks for the reply - sorry for huuuuuge delay in getting back!!!:slight_smile:

I don’t use a keyboard I use my Samsung CEC remote. I plugged in a keyboard and yes you’re right a contextual menu appears. Unfortunately I can’t find a button on the Samsung remote that brings up the same menu. (FYI there is a “C” button which is part of the 4 coloured red/green/yellow/blue row of buttons but that takes me accross the ‘home’ menu to my music library). Is there any work around?

Well if you have a button that is transmitted and you don’t need that specific function than you can remap that button to be context menu