File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device

@darwindesign, you are a wizard! Thank you!

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This worked great on streaming my RPI to my Windows PC using Kodi! Can also see it great in Windows Explorer too.

But I can’t find a way to get OSX to connect to RPI. Getting errors on connecting to nfs://

Anyone have this issue as well?

I know very little about Mac’s but I don’t think they have nfs support without adding it. It can do smb though.

NFS Client should be built in OSX

I have a Synology DS1618+ and zero issues connecting my Vero 4K+ to it via NFS or SMB. Haven’t tried NFS with an RPi3 but may give it a go just to play.

I currently use a server to stream to my Vero 4K via ethernet, but I’m also using the Vero 4K as an FTP server. Is it possible to use ethernet to stream to the Vero 4K, and to use the onboard WiFi exclusively for the FTP server?

It should be possible, you need to configure your ftp server to only listen on the wifi adapter.
However I don’t see any advantage of this setup. What’s the reason?

WiFi 5G is faster than the wired connection on the 4K.

Ohh ac Wifi and Fastethernet wired…did not know that, I got the 4k+…interesting.

Yeah, it takes a very long time to transfer a 60 GB UHD rip to the attached HDDs.

Hello all,
so i get we get the best perfomance by mouting NFS Shares to the osmc filesystem as for example to /mnt/nfs. Ok then I scrape those media. But what if i use a database and use multiple kodi devices for example windows too. When using windows and using that same database would Windows Kodi look for the media in /mnt/nfs that windows doesnt have and cannot have cause it needs driver letters.
This wouldnt work right ?

Thanks i was on that page alreay but i can’t figure it out. Is it “special:” ? or /mnt/nfs ?

On OSMC Kodi its on root FS /mnt/nfs
The same dirs are accessable from windows under \\server
What would a substitution on Windows kodi have to look like to be able to play the OSMC scraped media that are in the mysql database ?

You might find this one a bit easier to digest…

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Whoa! Some rough benchmarks I did just now showed up in a post from about 3 years ago! :laughing:

Well, let me add an emphatic “YMMV” to those. :slightly_smiling_face: I was particularly looking at the performance difference between using SMB and NFS (the latter enabled by Hanewin NFS Server) on the same Windows box.

If anyone cares how I got the numbers: for Kodi level sources I set them up in File Manager and then began copying a large file from the remote share into local flash memory, and checked what the transfer rate was after a few seconds (then aborted). For the autofs shares, this approach doesn’t work because the read speed from the remote share is actually faster than the write speed of the local flash memory. So instead I used the command line to “copy” part of a large file from the mounted folder to /dev/null:

dd if='<path of file>' of=/dev/null bs=4M count=1000

If anyone thinks this is poor methodology, you could very well be right - I’m no expert.

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It is poor methodology but still valuable information as it still gives a sense of the differences despite the flaws.
Thanks for your contribution!

Then suggest a better one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A problem with mounted NFS shares from Windows to /mnt is that Windows cannot sleep in this case. Which is important and unacceptable.

autofs could help with that.