Hi, I have several Blu-Rays, DVD’s that have electronic versions on Flixster.

Is there an add-on or anyway I can access my Flixster library through OSMC ?


This would be better asked on the kodi forum. But I think the answer will be no, due to DRM. e.g.

Thanks, could you explain the DRM. I’d have thought if they were my films and I used my login and password it would be OK. Just like streaming to my laptop from the website.

I’ll post in the Kodi forums.

It’s a form of copy protection.

Because Kodi doesn’t know how to handle the copy protection, it can’t play back the content. It’s possible with improvements to inputstream etc that this may change in the future

See: Digital rights management - Wikipedia

Okay sideways idea, could I install chrome browse to the website, login and stream that way ?

I have a feeling it can’t be that simple :slight_smile:

This is as close as you’ll get to a browser in OSMC at this point, but it won’t be of much use if your intention is Netflix/etc…

Hello GibbyLinks …

I have placed all my BluRay films onto my server for access via Kodi, and it works fine - HD, Dolby, and all. Just purchase MakeMKV (from the site of the same name).

However, I would advise that you must own legally your copy, eg as a result of purchasing the BluRay disc. As a producer of various books/videos and software myself, I am definitely not suggesting that anyone should use MakeMKV to infringe copyright and I know Sam etc would reject this post if they thought that I was so doing.

The film will be converted to an MKV file - I forget for which well-known video format that is a pseudonym, but Kodi manages to play them very well. Note that I do not worry about chapter stuff - I simply convert all the video files and rename them according to their content.

I hope that helps …