Freeview not working - what am I doing wrong?

I set up OSMC on a RPi with an OSMC remote and TV dongle and a working Ethernet connection.

I enabled the TVHeadEnd and the TVheadend HTSP Client. As I understand it that, combined with the TV dongle, should allow the OSMC to list and play freeview content via the LiveTV option. I see no listing, however, and there seems to be nothing available to play.

When I access the PVR tab from the TVHeadEnd web gui (ie http:///#pvr/tv) the page displays the spinner and the “Just a sec…” message indefinitely. The equivalent on the TV displays a blank page.

I’ve wandered around the GUI looking for something more to set, unset or configure as, presumably, I’ve missed some step - but I’ve not found anything and now I’m out of ideas. Could someone advise?

(This is a follow-up to an earlier question about dumbing down a smart TV, I’m slowly making progress… :slight_smile: )

I’m afraid you’ve lost me. I don’t recognise that URL.

Ah - sorry - the wiki formatting stripped some characters. It should have read http://osmc-host/#pvr/tv

Did you go through the wizard steps as described here?

Many thanks for the link - I’ll try it out.

I have the official USB tuner and have enabled the TVHeadend server and the TVHeadend HTSP client so presumably I’m just missing some step in the magic spell. Hopefully the link will provide it.

Watching through the browser needs a VLC plugin I think.

It did - fortunately I’m using Linux so VLC is installed. :slight_smile:

The link was very helpful - I followed the steps and got things working.

Along the way I also found a similar page at that covers the same ground plus the issues around DVB-T mux choices, along with a site that shows the locations of the Freeview muxs in the UK. I’ve linked them here in case others might find them useful.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

There is more up-to-date information on muxes on the site I linked here: