Freeze With too many videos on Raspi 3

Hello, i will test with an other supply after.
I have this probleme with all 720p and 1080p… Not only anime :frowning:

Hello I tested with another power supply that I had before these problems and with which I had no worries and unfortunately the problem is still present, I can therefore eliminated the hypotesis of a faulty power supply.

What are the specs and source of this power supply?

Inuput : 100-240VAC 0.3A 50/60Hz
Output : 5V 3000mA

6 month ago with this power supply i have no problems for playing videos on osmc. so i’m think the problem is not the supply


Please reproduce the issue and provide a full debug log.

Thanks Tom.

Hello my friend, i’ve reproduced the issue and i have this in log :
You think one day i can watch something ? :frowning:
EDIT : Same problem on all videos :frowning:
you can see that :

You don’t have the Pi mpg2 or wmv codecs, that could be your problem. Mediainfo on a couple of the problem files will help.

Hmm , so why in december everything work good and now every videos can’t play perfectly ?

Supply mediainfo on the files, then we will know if it’s a codec problem.

You removed the paste URL, so I can’t see what the issue is.

Hello, here is one mediainfo of one file :

so what you thing about that ?


Try disabling mmal.

Thanks Tom.

Hello, it’s not work, i already do that when you say me :



Jun 4

Try disabling MMAL hardware acceleration and enable omxplayer.

Thanks Tom.


Sorry forgot, could you produce a snippet of a video, so we can try and reproduce.


Hummm i’m not sure,
do you want me to take a video with my mobile phone to show you how the video plays?

It’s Ok for you ?


Have downloaded clip, will test on pi tomorrow.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you, so i wait tomorrow :wink: