Freezing with Panasonic Viera after switching off TV

I do not know if it is really related to the Viera TV, but the freezing happens usually after I switch on the TV again. Sometimes it happens anyway, but 90% of the times is related to coming back to the TV, e.g. after the night.

Of course, a hard reboot is needed in this case.

I have read here of similar problems, but in the end the do not appear completely the same as I am experiencing, though it may be related.

Feeling quite sure of my steps, I have installed on my RPB1 OSMC version RC1 (updated to RC2) on a USB key straight away. Therefore, I have no experience about running OSMC from SD (might it be more stable. But it may have nothing to do with my problems. Just mentioning it to give a more complete picture).

Any help appreciated. Apologies if this has already been better addressed in another post.

Cheers to everybody and congratulations to Sam!


I would enable debug logging before switching the TV off at night and then use the log uploader to get the log url that you can provide here.

Can you check system/input/peripherals/cec settings.
Make sure action for “when the TV is switched off” is set to ignore.

Thank you popcornmix.

But it is already set like that.

I will try to get a usable log for uploading.

But the problem still persisting…

I will also revert back to SD environment to see if things better that way.


I have made some tests.
Reinstalled OSMC from scratch on an SD e the problems seems gone.
Now reinstalled also on SD+USB (and using backup from the SD installation, so that I do not need to reconfigure everything again) and looks good (just initial test. To be confirmed).


After some few days I confirm that OSMC is very stable also
in the USB key configuration. No more forced reboots after the new
I think now my problem arose from a bad digested update.