Frequent random muting, then freezing

I believe it’s been addressed by @pelwell (it was a bug in vchiq). The fix should be ready for the next update which will land soon.

Thanks for the explanation.
It will be possible to play this file on RPi2 or RPi3 in future?
What is the difference between HEVC and H265?
In RPi will be possible to use only free H265?

Thanks in advance

No, it won’t be possible to play L6.2 encoded clips on Pi 3. It is actually tricky to find hardware that can do this.

What will be maximum level for RPi3 or 2?
L3.1 or L4?

L4.1 (Blu-Ray standard) is the official limit.
L5.1. will probably play if the resolution is not above 1920x1080.

So is this fixed in the April release?

Try update and report back.

Yup I’ve just installed it and will let you know. Most of my freezing occur upon exit of video, either end or between playback.

Don’t know if this is the right thread to resurrect, but I had this strange random freezings some time ago as well.
For some months everything worked fine again, but today my Pi freezed two times again :frowning:
Behaviour is like before: I hear some webradio, suddenly music is stopping and the visualisation freezes. I can access the webinterface, but cannot control anyrhing. I can log in with ssh. Only thing to wake it up is stop and start mediacenter.
Time when it happend was about 14:35 and 21:03.

I attached the log files with grab-logs -A and a screenshot of top-command…

Hey Sam,

I am running the latest version of OSMC on my Pi 2 and am still seeing quite frequent playback freezing that aligns with the symptoms in this thread.

Interestingly enough I saw someone mention that they SSH to the Pi and it unfreezes. This does not seem to work for me. What does appear to work, but makes ZERO sense, is keeping an SSH session open to the Pi. I open an SSH session to the Pi running OSMC and run the command ‘top’. As long as this session stays open, the Pi does NOT freeze. When the session is not open, the Pi does freeze while playing back various types of video files.

However, it did freeze during music (flac) playback with the SSH session still open.

When it freezes, I can usually wait it out (1 - 15 minutes) and it recovers 99% of the time.

Both music and video are via NFS.

It looks like the most recent update didn’t solve this issue. Any thoughts? What logs do I need to grab?


So for troubleshooting the first step would be to try to play those Files from local to see if it is NFS related.

Otherwise debug enabled logs might give some clues

Sure thing.

I’ll try that and get back to you.


Just found this thread and Yes, I see exactly the same issues, but cannot pinpoint at what time it started. I see it when playing MKV files and when streaming from TVHeadend. Audio goes first, then video. Requires a hard reset. Fast forwarding and positioning (by typing say 1000) makes the problem worse.

Will print out thie entire thread and read…

edit: Some good info here. Could be a memory leak, will investigate, but unlike the previous TVHeadend leak where the “disk” light will come on, the disk light stays off

What I see:

  • Same symptoms
  • At least once did opening a SSH-session bring it back to life
  • Using subtitles
  • Fast forwarding and skipping makes things worse
  • Mostly playing recorded items from TVHeadend

This was the solution for my issue.

My Raspberry Pi 1 B (large SD) was muting, then freezing shortly thereafter when scrolling quickly through menus/movies. Now the scroll rate appears more regulated and it no longer freezes. Thanks!

Edit: nope, sorry. Problem is back. Swapped HDD with a new one also.

Interesting! I am currently testing “setting the audio resampling to anything other than GPU”