Getting Docker working on Vero2

Since I’m enjoying the excellent new Vero I decided to reuse my trusty Vero2 for some Docker stuff. I’ve never used or installed Docker before so I’m new to this. I installed Docker ce according to instructions. I also installed cgroupfs-mount, aufs-tools, docker-ce-cli and

however running the daemon gives me this output:

It seems to complain about missing overlay/aufs and finally fails with “Error starting daemon: Devices cgroup isn’t mounted”.

I have tried suggestions in other posts here, but no luck so far.


Tried this:

Thanks Tom.

Yes, thank you, I did try that. However it seems the Vero 2 have neither Overlay nor AuFS of which I think Docker must have at least one.

I checked the Vero 4K and it has AuFS.


Ok I think this is one for @sam_nazarko.

Thanks Tom.

Unfortunately the kernel is too old to support this.

Oh I see, that explains it. Thank you for the clarification!