Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for Vero 4K

After watching this video for adding Gigabit Ethernet to televisions (How to Turbo-Boost Your TV's Internet Connection Speed (Works on LG & Sony TVs) - YouTube) I thought I’d see if the same gigabit Ethernet adapter is compatible with the Vero 4K (, and turns out it is.

I’m sure there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not gigabit is actually required but considering the adapter is only £11, it might be worth a consideration.

You won’t get gigabit speeds out of it - USB 2.0 will likely limit you to around a third of that. But it might be enough to more comfortably play UHD blu ray remuxes.

Yes agreed. The adapter works and I suspect will offer around 3-4 times the speed improvement which seems like a reasonable improvement for not a lot of money.

You will get about 300Mbps from a USB Ethernet adapter.

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That one I bought in 2019 worked as well out of the box: (no guarantee , forwarded my Vero4k to my parents and haven’t used this combination since 2020)

I also use an adapter like this on my vero 4k.
It plays my testfile with higher bitrates than 120 Mbit/s without any stutter :slight_smile:
This is more than the highest bitrate for 4k-UHDs.