Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Not yet. Very early stages.

First of all…please excuse my bad and/or silly english. I learn it in the early 70`s and never used it again. Now i learn it by “Doctor Who” and “One foot in the Grave”:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Google Home/Alexa/Echo → Big Brother is watching you/listen to you! I watch the Netflix Serie “Black Mirror”, and some of the Episodes makes me fear…The Fiction is no longer Fiction and the Future is very near!

nice little demo under sam I’m curious, but it’s a long way to go or my english is pretty bad for a none native speaker (might be the latter ;))

Thanks for testing.

Things are coming a long a lot behind the scenes. The public demo is far off from what we’ve currently managed to achieve. We’ll sync things up soon.

We are not just focused on native English speakers or the English language.



Sorry to unearth an old thread, but just getting a Google Home and wondered how the integration with Kodi/OSMC has now progressed?

Is anyone using it with any success or is it still a bit of a novelty?