HDMI screen not shutdown

Hello !

I’m a freshly new user on OSMC with Raspberry Pi 3, and I try to have information to create a MC.

I want to put my OSMC in StandBy mode, not really shutdown RasPi. It work fine, with the automatic StandBy, but my screen (a PC monitor) still remain working. It’s black on the screen with the power blue led, not orange. He don’t want to go StandBy too.

I search a solution to put my screen in StandBy mode and wake up when I wake up OSMC. Do you have an advice for me ?

A secondary “problem” is the noise in speakers when nothing is playing on OSMC (connected with jack 3.5). I put parameters to spot audio when nothing is play, but I don’t think it’s normal. Do you have an advice for me ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

So, I found tvservice -o and tvservice -p, working great over SSH !
One problem more : when I tried tvservice -p, the screen wakeup but blank black. Status is same than before tvservice -o, same datas.

And, how can I change action on shutdown or add a “sleep” action ?

Good afternoon! you can try with what indicated in this post:

I have my RPI2 working so perfectly!

Thanks for your answer.

In the same time, I found a solution with Timker’s screensaver.

If anybody want to shutdown the screen, you can find a ZIP at this GitHub account : GitHub - timker/kodi.screensaver.pimon

It works !

For now, my raspi works better, and I think I will learn more to change some things. Main, the sound, because it very bad on raspi a this time, a lot of noise at low volume.

Is anybody have an advice for this ?

Hi :slight_smile:
At least 2 possibilities wrt sound issue. Maybe try

  • In Kodi;
    Settings - System - "Audio Output"ish - “Audio Output Device”
    A pop-up eventually appears with several different options. Experimentation is probably fairly safe. Wrong choices on my set-up just result in no sound at all and sometimes a little red “mute”-type sign in the top right corner. Sometimes a wrong choice seems to get a bit of background hiss or buzz (which made me really edgy until i found the correct setting later on).

  • More likely
    A few times i had this when my headphones’ (3.5mm) jack was not pushed in far enough. I worried too much about breaking something and the socket was a little tighter than i’m used too. I try to use the other side of the socket’s plastic block to push against rather than the other side of the pcb-board jic i accidentally rip the socket off the board!

Errr, that’s the only 2 i could think of but i’m sure there are other possibilities. I’m assuming you are using one of the on-board sound sockets?
Regards from Tom :slight_smile:

Search the forum for “raspberry audio” you should get some answers.