Hifi audio receiver and media center at the samen time?

This is my first post in here so hello everyone:smile:

I want to build a new media center and I would love to use a Raspberry Pi and OSMC.

Besides media center it should work as a audio receiver (bluetooth?) for playing music from our phones (Android).

The audio quality needs to be very good, so I will need to buy a sound card/hifiberry/hdmi splitter…

Is this possible? How?


Simply searching hifiberry should give you your answer.

My OSMC -> Pi Config

under there you got the setting for Hifiberry

Thanks, I do not have a r-pi yet, since I want to make sure it can do what need.

I know hifiberry will give me great audio quality but I’m worried if it will work with audio streaming. This post suggests it might be a problem:


Also I’m not sure about the quality. Isn’t vanilla bluetooth audio pretty bad quality? Don’t you need aptx or something similar to get decent quality?