HifiBerry Digi+ vs HDMI Audio Extractor splitter

Using a Pi 3 and would like to have my audio out through SPIDF.
Been wondering which solution would be the best:

  • HifiBerry on my Pi3 … Can I still use GPIO LIRC for my IR Harmony controller?

  • HDMI Audio Extractor splitter (Link to Amazon.de) … Will the AC3 or DTS stream be passed through you think? So my Bose will recognize it?

The price for both solution is almost the same …


Just bought myself a Vero2 as it has an SPDIF out by default … hopefully without too many “bumps” :grin:

I am using Ligawo HDMI splitter for this task.

Working like a charm with RaspBMC / RPi1 in one living room.

Worked not that good with OSMC / RPi2 in the other living room. Did a lot of cross-exchanging, trying other kodi distro and so on, but was never able to find out, why (see here sound-away-after-tv-off-on) it only appeared with this combination. In between the RPi2 used to show the rainbow square with no reason, so I exchanged the RPi2 - but I can’t tell if the problem still appears, because I was too lazy to insert the splitter again. Fuckin’ lazy dude, I am, right.