How can I make an image of the SD Card?

I just received my Vero (4K). Splendid!
Wonderful OS and hardware.
Kudos to the dudes who made it.

Just one question:
on my ol’ RPI I used to remove sometimes the SD Card to make an image backup.
I didn’t find how to eject it on the Vero.
Is there button somewhere ?

There is no SD card by default it has a 16G emmc (much faster).

For whole backup check this thread

I would use the backup plugin and if I need to restore (as I did recently) just follow the instructions to reinstall from scratch, add the backup and restore,

Thanks for the link.
I wish there was a solution for noobs.
But i’m trying… and got stuck.

@ WR0gr6xg
the backup plugin? I don’t see much differences with the OSMC builtin backup. Am I wrong :thinking:

Accomplishes the very same thing. I just wonder why this should not be sufficient for you?

Because I’m a cowardly noob. I’ld like to backup not only the settings but the whole enchilada.

The backup in the My OSMC add-on backs up just Kodi’s settings (or part of them depending on what you select) but for most users, this, restored after a full reinstall of the OS, will bring a system back fully to where it was.

Unless you actually make any significant changes to the OS or install extra programs from the terminal, the “whole enchilada” is not going to be any different than a full install with Kodi level restore.

100%. Exactly the point I was making. I didn’t know there was an OSMC backup standard to the Kodi one… I suspect we are talking about the same thing.

Also, if you get in the spot where you need to restore the ‘whole enchilada’ you’re probably better off with a fresh install and restore of data anyway.

Well. I will have to install a lot scripts to manage my Eaton UPS from my Vero.
So I would prefer to be able to reverse if something goes wrong.

You are likely to have many possibilities of “something” going wrong and each will require a different approach to getting “it” fixed.

If you have some UPS scripts, of course back them up, along with all all the Kodi configuration stuff, but if your Vero4K becomes unbootable, what’s your recovery strategy going to be?

It never happened when using my RPI. But in case I had my image bakup to restore.

For my Vero4k I will reinstall the OS.