How to add a external wifi to a rpi 3 that has internal wifi

I can’t seem to find a post with my situation.
I have a rpi 3 with internal wifi that sucks.
I want to try a external usb wifi dongle.

Can somebody give me the steps to go about disabling the internal wifi and enable a external one?
Or at least point me to a post?

Enabling a dongle is as simple as plugging it in and rebooting.

Well I did that and when I connected I had a wlan 0 and a wlan 1
I assumed the usb was wlan1.
It connected as same but it also added a a available connection for wlan0.

My ssid is hidden and with the internal it always failed.

When I added the usb dongle it still failed when I used wlan1 but eventually it was added after a while by itself and shows it connected but it also added another wifi network with the ssid on wlan0 but it shows not connected.

Should I worry about it?

You just should follow the advice that @actiona has linked to, to disable the internal wifi