How to install VLC

I am a new Vero 4K+ owner

How do I put VLC on my V4K+?
I do not see it in the OSMC store
(which has almost nothing in it)

I have moved your post to a new topic as your question is completely unrelated to where you posted.

Are you trying to use VLC as an external media player for Kodi? This is not a topic that I personally can help with as it is not familiar with how that works, but I can tell you that most “things” that one does with OSMC additionally to core functions are done through Kodi add-ons. The app store in My OSMC facilitates the installing of a couple common OS level applications. OS level additions and changes are done via the terminal and mostly follow generic Debian instructions.

Can you expand a bit about exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish?

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I use VLC on my computers and I see people loving VLC
on their media players and so I wanted to try it out.

Supposedly VLC has better error correction than anything else
VLC plays everything I have thrown at it - unlike my TV and a friends Nvidia Shield.
The Nvidia was only useful via VLC.

but - I might be wrong - ha ha ha

VLC use is not possible in OSMC.

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I think you will find your Vero to be able to play most anything you run across as well as VLC can without any modification. There is likely some edge cases where the Vero/Kodi may do better or worse than VLC but they are normally damaged, ill-formed, or obscure video formats. Even still when someone does happen across one and posts about it on this form providing a sample the devs are usually pretty Keen on looking into it for them.


will forget about VLC
even though I do like the fast forward options that I do not see in the V4k+

It is possible to use ff/rw but it does not work well (Kodi in general on most platforms). Skip step works pretty well once you get used to it and you have the option to tweak the step to how you like. You can find more info on them on Kodi’s wiki…

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For easiest control of big jumps forward and back I use the Kodi remote app on my phone - but that is not very accurate.