Idiot question...OSMC browser


Just loaded OSMC and gained access to a remote HDD for movies and am BLOWN AWAY by speed (Pi3B).
Wow! You guys rock!

Quickie: Can anyone point me to a description of how to load a browser?
If not poss. I am OK with that. What I have so far is SO much better than BTVision (in that it f** works!!)


Ok I will ask the Web designer to make the search function (magnifying lens in the top right) in colour and blinking as it seems it is really hard to find.


lol… sarcasm lvl over 9000

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There are plans for a browser, but nothing to show yet.


I’ve thought about your idea, and decided to spend several minutes making it a reality. Apart from slightly hurting your eyes, I think it does the job. It’s maybe my best creation to date.


I can vouch for this.

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This is what I call a job well done

Can we put a rush on implementation?

Thanks for that. It is always nice when you are made welcome in anew place. FYI I have had OSMC loaded for about 2 days. I did look all over the internet and came up with about 60 different answers - many of which suggested this was imminent.
I asked on here because I thought I might get the definitive answer.
I did.
FU if you aren’t part of the clique.
Nice work guys - welcome to the friendly face of OSMC!

The question comes up from time to time. It’s parked for the moment. When there is more news, it will be made available on the Blog.

We’re just joking. Questions that can be searched comes up a lot here. And I guess we, the mods, like to joke around from time to time. Nothing personal. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I was partly making fun of @fzinken’s suggestion

As indicated, if you search browser on this forum the 2nd or 3rd entry is [Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch
Which is a testing solution of getting a desktop environment with a webbrowser as a alternative to switch between that and Kodi.

Guys…sorry…WAY too sensitive and should have seen that one coming(!) If it is searchable. I should find it, not wait for a silver spoon.
My bad.