Installing a torrent client on OSMC

A torrent client can be installed via OSMC’s App Store. OSMC includes the Transmission torrent client and this has been specially optimised for use on OSMC. You can learn more about installing applications via the OSMC App Store here

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Compile & Install Deluge on OSMC

Depending on the version available in the repository, you can always compile it yourself, it takes just a few minutes:

sudo apt-get install python python-twisted python-twisted-web python-openssl \
python-simplejson python-setuptools intltool python-xdg python-chardet \
geoip-database python-libtorrent python-notify python-pygame python-glade2 \
librsvg2-common xdg-utils python-mako bzip2 -y

cd ~/
mkdir deluge
cd deluge
tar xvf deluge-1.3.11.tar.bz2
cd deluge-1.3.11
python clean -a #may look like error message, is not, nothing to worry$
python build
sudo python install
sudo python install_data
cd ~/
sudo rm -rf deluge/

after it finishes, start deluge with


give it a few seconds, stop it:

sudo pkill deluged

the above is needed to generate the initial config file, which we will modify to grant access to the osmc user:

cp ~/.config/deluge/auth ~/.config/deluge/auth.old
nano ~/.config/deluge/auth

add the line:


at the end of the file and save with ctrl+x

to allow remote access, run also these commands:

config -s allow_remote True
config allow_remote

with deluge already runing, to start the web interface in the background run:

deluge-web --fork

at any point you can kill all with

sudo pkill deluge

The instructions above were 99% inspired from the website, I only added bzip2 in the initial install, bumped the version to 1.3.11 and changed the user from pi to osmc.

Thanks to @cocomic for putting together this guide!

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Hi Katze

I think this may be better served in a HOW-TO. You could also look at converting this to an OSMC App instead.


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I wish I knew how to make it into an OSMC App, but I’ll get it moved to a How-To next time I’m at the PC.

I have removed this from General. The plan is to have our own ‘App’ section on the web page soon enough.


I’ve put it into a HowTo here: [HowTo] Compile & Install Deluge on OSMC

Feel free to clean up this thread if you like.

For the record, this How to is more recent and easier to follow as it installs from binaries [How To] Always on, remotely accessible torrent server