Is the vero 4k is quite powefull to retro gaming?

hello, i think to buy a vero 4k to use it as retro gaming with hyper spin but before buy it i would like tou know if it could play games from N64 or Dreamcast ?


Powerfull enough, but there seems to be some issues:

RetroGaming is also available in Kodi v18 and test builds are reay


ok i just bought one, i will see :wink: and try to install hyperspin instead retropie…

Technically yes.

N64 works for me.

And I’ve successfully built and tested ScummVM and the libretro cores for mame-2003, PCSX, SNES, Megadrive and GameBoy.

Not cracked mame-2010 yet.

Dreamcast is OUT, which is my only disappointment, as Reicast contains assembly code that will not run on the AARCH64.

Vero userland is ARMHF.
If it runs on Pi it will run on Vero


Ah, thanks for that.

I’d attempted to compile it some time ago and failed with errors that sounded assembler related. The ODROID C2 community (also Amlogic S905x) and my only point of reference have in various places cited some incompatibility between the assembly component and the hardware, so I took it as read that I was flogging a dead horse.

Perhaps their kernel is more the issue then?

With that carrot of (false?!) hope I have persevered for a few days and finally got it to build using the Vero4K GPU libraries!
At this point it crashes with a “bus error” as it starts up, but still this is progress.

I’ve not much knowledge of ODroid C2.

There might be some assembly that doesn’t build, but it may not be necessary to use it (although performance could take a knock)

Both Pi and Vero 4K use Cortex-A53s, with Vero 4K clocked higher.

Let me know where you’re struggling (perhaps a new thread is more appropriate) and I can advise.


Already nailed it! Was looking for the common ground between the RPi3 and the Vero4K i.e. ARM-Cortex-53.

This morning found this:

This broke Reicast on RPi3 and some S905 based SOC in May!
Retropie is using an old fork that predates it, so as their builds still work there’s been little to Google about it. Building from an earlier commit using the rest of my changes did the trick. It lives! And Ikaruga runs better than on the RPi3.

Thanks for the support offer. Very much appreciated (I’ll bank that one :wink:). And if you’d not affirmed it should work I’d never have gone back to it after all this time. So very very happy.

So @remydedez, sorry to have accidentally hijacked your thread but again, yes, the Vero4K is shaping up very nicely for retrogaming.

I’m glad to hear this!


hi everyone, i just received my vero 4k, anyone have a link with a tutorial to explain how proceed to instal retropie on the vero 4k ?

thank you :wink:

Hello, if i well understood we can’t instal retropie directly on OSMC but in KODI it’s possible ?
someone have a tutorial with explain how to do ?
i saw hyperspin exist as add-on on koi, do you think it could work on the vero ?

thanks and sorry for my english :frowning:

I don’t know about this Hyperspin. Looks a bit bloated. Are they distrubuting it with ROMs maybe? Seems a bit dodgy.

Anyway, currently Retropie is most conveniently installed to the RPi running OSMC via the RetrOSMC script.
But Retropie itself does not support the Vero4K, so therefore neither does RetrOSMC.

I am currently working on a fork of Retropie, to make easier the installation and configuration of the emulators I’ve got working so far, but it isn’t intended to be a big release or anything, more for personal convenience, although like the idea. I’m not sure how much demand there is for retrogaming on the Vero4K to be honest. My “how-to” for Mupen64Plus recieved zero interest!

As Sam says, you’ll have some options with Kodi v18.

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If retrogaming would be something easily installed and more or less seemlessly fitting into the overall OSMC experience, it would be a nice to have feature for me. I’d be interested in it. But honestly, I wouldn’t put hours into it. Don’t want to make efforts of others seem irrelevant or disregard them, but it’s not a top priority to me.

If somebody gets something working that others could easily use, it would indeed be awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe that’s also a reason why others didn’t respond a lot. I don’t know, just a guess. Personally, I haven’t been looking for the feature until I played on a friend’s RetroPi recently.

Let me know if you run in to problems with this and I am happy as always to assist.


I would love to have mostly complete retroarch setup available on the vero4k.
I just replaced my old HTPC and this is the only real thing missing for me at the moment.

I know about the kodi retroplayer but in my experience from the past with it (not on the vero tho) it was always better to just close kodi and launch retroarch independently instead for performance, especially on low power hardware. Also i quite like the XMB Retroarch Frontend :slight_smile:

Im looking forward to try you scummvm script if found on githib this week, cant wait to play fate of atlantis on the big screen :wink:

Retroarch on the Vero4k would be awesome and surely would also be very interesting to potential new customers.

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I’m intrigued by MAME on Kodi. Never tried it, but saw a bunch of emu addons and then looked here. From what I gather here, as of now, recommendation is to wait until Kodi 18 is on OSMC/Vero and then something will be baked in? Or is there a good way to go now? (I can’t tell RetroArch, RetrOSMC, Retropie, AML, etc. from a turd…)

I can wait. I’m interested in very easy plug-and-play. :slight_smile:

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I totally agree. In this regard, did anybody manage to get scummvm working on the Vero4k ? I tryied some months ago but was unable to get a working build.

In this regard, I’ve noticed this: which provides a working opensource mali driver (proof in youtube) that works with the S905X cpu . The bad news is that it’s only for 4.x kernels so would it be possible to backport the drivers to the 3.14 kernel ? Or even better, upgrade the osmc kernel to 4.14 LTS or 4.19 LTS when it’s ready?

It seems batocera-linux is using a 4.18 kernel with those drivers and providing support for S905 variants while having support for a wide range of emulators (including scummvm), so those drivers might provide interesting stuff to look into.

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Sorry I didn’t realise you were still struggling here.
I’ve just tried Monkey Island for you on my build there and it’s working.

Not had much traffic there unfortunately!

Make sure you follow the instructions at the top - specifically don’t do a bulk install (basic install). Do everything individually, most importanly emulationstation-dev (not the regular version).