Java Runtime Environment in the App Store

No idea.

I still can’t seem to get the path to jre set. Perhaps you could answer the following:

  1. Where is the best place in /usr/bin/mediacenter to add the “export JAVA_HOME=…” command

  2. What is the best way to check that the path has actually been set while mediacenter is running?

by the $KODI call.

Check by echoing $JAVA_HOME or chucking it as a log to logger -t.

Sorry for bumping this old thread. But I see that there are now Kodi builds with support for DV and Java Bluray-menus. These versions need the “Java Runtime Enviroment Addon for Kodi Matrix Android aarch64”.

Could this also work on the Vero?

It’s possible but the menus won’t have hardware acceleration, which doesn’t really make this usable.

It would really be a very nice and wanted feature for me!

There is a special Kodi version with support for menu’s and Dolby Vision. Would be nice if the adjustments in that version could be ported to the Vero.

This seems to be for Android systems, so I don’t think that’s relevant.

Well, the feature is relevant to me and I guess also for others. That’s why I asked if it could be ported to OSMC.

This has been covered above in the thread. There are a few issues with this.

Further, OSMC is a Linux based (not Android based OS). At this time, Dolby Vision can only be supported if the underlying hardware has licensed the technology, and as a result not all Android devices will support this, even if using the aforementioned build.

Sorry, than I haven’t been clear. I wasn’t talking about the Dolby Vision, but about the support for Bluray menu’s.