[July update] OMXPlayer issues with sound and Audio sync incredibly slow


I have RPi2 and I’ve jsut updated OSMC to the newest version (with KODI 15). I’ve noticed, that most of my MKV videos lost sound when using OMXPlayer and with MMAL player, refresh rate adjustment enabled and audio playback sync enabled the movies started to stutter and overall playback is incredibly slow. For now safe setting for me seems to be MMAL player with only refresh rate sync enabled, allthough I’m afraid that without audio resampling enabled the sound will increasingly go out of sync with 23.9fps, but I’ll have to test that. All in all, the settings working on previous version are causing problem with the newest update. Can You take a look at this issue and tell me what is going on and (if that is the case) what am I doing wrong. Thanks!


Unfortunately it turned out that MMAL Player is causing the image to freeze after some time. Curious thing with OMXPlayer is, that if the file contains more than one audio streams, only the first stream is ignored. When there is ony one stream, there is no audio at all.

Generally from my point of view this update is totally broken and it would be great if it got repaired.

Could you provide a sample file that behaves badly?
Ideally cut a couple of minutes from a file using mmg from mkvtoonix, check it still fails the same way and upload to a site like dropbox or google drive.

I didn’t see any further comments from you since 22 days. Did your problem go away?
Actually after I finally upgrade yesterday I have exactly the same problem.
I will cut a small sample file and provide some input later today


Unfortunately the only solution to the problems, that occured after the July upgrade, was to downgrade (reinstall) the OSMC to/in the previous version.

Ok, as my problem maybe slightly different (files are not playing at all) I open a new topic After update to July version MKV videos not playing / no sound

@eXsio take a look at After update to July version MKV videos not playing / no sound if the mkv files you have problems with have been created with handbrake this information can help you.